Sala culture

The Objectives of the foundation

The Sala Foundation for Culture and Arts aims to achieve permanent cultural development for the benefit of the individual, the society, and the region. in particular it aims to:


Contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of cultural policies, and provide expertise in this field.

Spread the culture of human rights in the cultural and artistic field, especially with regard to freedom of expression and freedom of creativity, in addition to pleading and defending the respect of these freedoms.

Highlight the bright aspects of the city at the regional, national, and international levels. Also, to strengthen its image as a cultural and artistic pole through introducing its heritage, its men and women of thought, intellectuals, and creators. Implement distinct cultural and artistic projects, and to follow and process the media's approach to this image.

Preserve and value tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Develop expertise and conduct research, studies, and reports on the cultural and artistic situation.

Preserve and promote the diversity of cultural and artistic expressions.

Contribute to cultural and artistic training, and develop young people’s talents.

Publish and purchase cultural publications and creative works, and create an interactive electronic platform for culture and arts.

Develop partnerships with local governments, associations, cultural actors, and creators in order to coordinate the dates of cultural and artistic activities, strengthen communication about them, work on synergizing the tools to implement joint projects, strengthen cultural products, enhance the aesthetics of public spaces, and manage cultural and artistic institutions and historical sites and buildings.

Cooperate and create partnerships with various public, national institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations of the same interest, and foreign cultural missions in Morocco.


Extract from the Basic Law of the Salé Foundation for Culture and Arts*